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Roth Jewelry is created with the goal of offering affordable keepsake, personalized jewelry.

My first collection is Artisan crafted, custom hand stamped necklaces, bracelets, and more to celebrate the milestones in your life. One letter at a time, each Roth design is handcrafted & made without the use of machines.This technique offers a unique and custom made item created just for you!Note there may be variations in letter placement and alignment. This adds to the uniqueness of each piece. I use Pure aluminum which does not tarnish and has a much lower rate of skin reaction than sterling silver.

My second collection is inspired by my love for all things vintage.For an earthy and retro look try one of my vintage inspired classic jewelry pieces . Boho Chic necklaces, Key necklaces, Patina earrings, Bohemian beaded bracelets.