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Sand Dollar Beach Boho Layering Stretch Bracelet

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Sand Dollar Beach Boho Layering Stretch Bracelet

$ 19.99
Includes One Bracelet 

Bracelets made with 6 x 9 mm Czech Beads. Measuring approximately 7 inches it should fit almost any wrist. elastic cord is doubled for durability. However, this bracelet is not recommended for extended exposure to water. Wear this bracelet by itself or stack with other bracelets!
** When selecting a size please note that it is based on actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet.
Here is a general guide to sizing:
Women's - Small: 6", Medium: 6 1/2", Large: 7", X-Large: 7 1/2"
Men's - Small: 6 1/2", Medium: 7", Large: 7 1/2", X-Large: 8"
An easy way to measure is to put a string around the wrist then measure it against a ruler. Order that size if you want it to sit firm on your wrist. If you want your bracelet to fit loose then order the next size up.

The History of Czech Glass Bead Making is closely allied to the impact that the First and Second World Wars, and the subsequent Cold War, had on the area as a whole. The region where glass making production is centered was formerly known as North Bohemia. Hence the descriptive term sometimes used, namely Bohemian Glass beads.

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